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Far More than a Digital Sign...

The digital signage market continues to expand in exciting ways. High growth verticals continue to look for options to enhance the customer experience and are finding them in digital signage initiatives.

BankingTech published a great article today highlighting what's going on. Here's a notable quote:

"A recent study by Capital Networks found that although static signage impressions drop off dramatically after the first day, digital signage retains a consistent engagement level. In response, banks have begun using adaptive and interactive AV technologies to engage customers and entice non-customers to see what the bank offers."

Retail banks create engaging experiences for patrons of all ages!
National Bank of Canada, iGotcha Media

I'm seeing this in spades not only in the financial services sector, but across the experiential board. The fact that it permeates retail banking illustrates how significant well-designed experiences have an impact. Banks are looking for better ways to engage in new and creative ways.

Here's a great sizzle of Desjardin bank in Montreal from my friends at iGotcha Media. Retail bank destination!

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