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Does your favorite retailer know you?

Updated: Oct 26, 2018 commissions great research! Here's a nugget I stumbled across today..."Only 37% of shoppers feel like retailers know them." (Salesforce) Does your favorite retailer know you? Think about the last time you walked through the doors of your favorite store...what cues and confirmations indicated to you that they knew you, your style, interests, etc..? What do you wish they knew about you before, during, or after your transaction?

For me, Best Buy is doing it great. They seem to know I'm looking for education and don't care where I buy. Well, maybe they do care...which is why they know me better than I know me. The experience takes into account the buyer's needs - see, hear, touch...and ask questions, lots of them.

What retailer is doing it great for you?

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