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I was first introduced to the tech sector as an italian speaking editor and translator for WordPerfect.  My career has since taken me from silicon valley to around the world through many technology revolutions and transformations.  I'm humbled and blessed to have worked with some of the greatest and innovative leaders who have shared their experiences with me.  I consider every experience as a personal, additive opportunity for self-improvement.  I find great satisfaction in learning and sharing with others. 


My passion is to create happiness by helping others learn their stories and share them with increased passion, efficiency, and power.  I use creative methods to help others get there.  I help them build their businesses, brands, causes, and experiences by filling roles as a strategist, tactician, tech evangelist, and imagineer.


I have a successful track record working with entry, mid, and mature organizations across a wide variety of technologies and markets.  I'm a proven entrepreneur and intrapreneur.  My work has resulted in value creation.  I believe in the core principles of honesty, integrity, and character when it comes to creating high performing, positive, and productive cultures.


I'm a creative technologist at heart and am expert on integrated experience creation and its extraordinary possibilities for brands, communities, and individuals. 


  • Board Member

  • Strategic Advisor

  • CEO

  • EVP Sales and Marketing

  • Product Marketing

  • Product Development

  • Incubation/Acceleration

  • Skunk Works

  • Project Management

  • Intrepreneur

  • Entrepreneur

  • Consultant, Advisor

  • Volunteer

  • Leadership

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Culture

  • Teams

  • Alliances

  • Strategy

  • Sales Acceleration

  • Business Development

  • Mentorship

  • Communities

a few brands I'm lucky to work with


Faith, family, and helping others.  I do my best to do my best.  Here are some of my most important causes.

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