Customer experience journey mapping, strategy formulation, facilitated workshops, structured action plans.  Team development and succession planning.  Organization and company transformation.  Outcome focused with structured alignment framework. 


The essence of your sales machine.  I teach sales leaders how to build and develop a business outcome-centric, use case development model that creates value in the customer relationship.  I help develop talk scripts, relevant use cases, objection handling techniques, and unique value propositions.  I facilitate workshops, team training,  creative methods!



Keynote speaking expertise

program DESIGN

Integrated sales and marketing execution planning.  Connecting the dots on the overall go-to-market plan.  Applying creativity to achieve unique integrated experiences that move your customers and teams to action.  Creative workshop facilitation.


Medical precision on opportunity or challenge diagnosis along with prescriptive actions to achieve your goals.  Coaching, mentoring, and personal development.  Establishing high performing, winning, and accountable cultures.  Workshop facilitation. 


Keynote speaking expertise.


Keynote speaking experience in small, medium, and large venues. 


Experiential Tech

Tech Transformation

Design Thinking


Trend Watcher


Leadership, Culture, Teams


Problem Solving


Professional mentor and team coach.  Team culture assessments.  Executive interventionist.  Customized program development and roll-out.  Facilitated workshops.  Talent and leadership development programming.

 experience design and production

Experiential productions and events.  Passionate about creating exciting and moving moments.  Deep design, planning, and execution expertise.   Extensive proven professional network for content, tech, hardware, teams.  I know where to find stuff and get stuff done.

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Special projects ninja.  Program management, design, and deployment.  Coordination across complex requirments.  Extensive cross market expertise including corporate, public sector, retail, entertainment.  Global industy contacts, get stuff done!