The story method

model for leaders to discover and execute their unique value. 





strategy and Story development


Program Design




refine and Improve


Value Discovery

Everthing starts with an honest and complete view of the facts as they are.  Value discovery is all about understanding your wow-factor and what's pushing others either toward or away from you.  Value discovery is about getting to a diagnosis bu mitigating bias and without any preconceived notions.


Story development

storytelling is an art.  Do you know your story?  How does your story read today?  How should it read?  How can you get to the core of what makes your story magical and resonate with the legitimate needs of others?  In Story development, we methodically discover your story.



great design is founded in a well-crafted story.  Design elements literally jump off the pages of that story.  Your story comes before tech.  Great tech amplifies your story.  In Design, we find powerful and innovative ways to share your stories in meaningful and compelling ways.  We don't waste time getting lost with shiny objects.  we find Build in your early measurement of what good looks like and how you will know if you've succeeded.



Well crafted stories and corresponding compelling tech falls flat when the story thread gets dropped in the execution phase.  Execute takes everything you garnered through the journey and puts it to use.  


refine and improve

even the best plans will hit snags.  REfine and improve is based in the belief that learning happens real-time.  Real-time learning ignored or not acted upon becomes a wasted effort and lost opportunity.  In this stage we put in place our trip wires and success measures to ensure we are constantly improving and upping the game!